Jazz & Minimalism: Kindred Spirits

Most people who know my music are aware of my ongoing experiments to bridge the gap between the genres we know as “jazz” and “minimalism.” The relationship between these genres also ties into my academic research interests. All that is just a long-winded buildup to say: I’m giving a presentation at ISJAC’s upcoming Un[chart]ed Territory convention!

This online event is meant as a way to tide us over until we can return to the in-person Jazz Composers’ Symposium in 2022. At it, I’ll be giving a presentation on “jazz” composers who have engaged significantly with minimalism. I’ll also share a few of my own compositions in this style.

The event is March 18-20 and is free to register! My presentation, Jazz & Minimalism: Kindred Spirits will be available to view at my virtual “booth” throughout the duration of the event. I’ll be around on March 20 from 2-4pm to answer questions and stuff at the booth, too.

You can register for the event here! (Again, it’s free.)

If you attend, come say hi! If not, go to hell!

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