Spring 2018 Updates

This site is still in its “soft opening” phase (for two years now but who’s counting?) as I’ve been periodically adjusting it and adding and subtracting as necessary. So this update is just so anyone who stumbles upon it knows this site is still very much active, even though I don’t make many of these blog posts.

Most of my big band charts are available for purchase for $45. Easier and shorter “Student Level” charts are cheaper ($25-35). This is a pretty low price because I’m still a student (currently finishing my Master’s in Jazz Arranging/Composition at William Paterson University).

I would also like to make at least one of these charts free for any band director in need of repertoire for their school’s jazz band. Probably City of Fountains (high school level) and Not A Bossa (middle school level). Just reach out to me if you have any questions about that.

Finally, I’m currently open for commissions. I specialize in big band writing, but I am happy to write for any instrumentation and for any age level. Just send me a note at joeykendrick1@gmail.com.

I think that’s it for now – just an update so you know this site isn’t dead.

Best wishes,


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